International Network and Partnerships.

To promote international education at the PAIU University, the University, through the department of International Division, has developed and set up e-learning network of relationships with international partner institutions.  PAIU University has a history of collaborating internationally. Our partners include Universities, institutions of higher education, Secondary schools, Governmental agencies, Non-governmental agencies and private sector companies.

  • Prestigious Pan-African e-Network Project

Tele-Education (e-learning) Services: Started in Somalia in 2009.

Tele-education center set up @ PAIU University in Galkayo Campus.

MOUs –Signed:

PAIU University formerly known as (PUST University) signed  MOUS with :

  • AMITY University
  • BITS Pilani
  • Delhi University
  • University of Madras.

The most successful and active partnership typically are Pan-African e-Network Project Pan-African e-Network Project which  is a    joint initiative of the Govt. of India and African Union and is funded by the Govt. of India at an estimated cost of US$116 Million. It aims at imparting education to 10000 students of African countries participating in the project, using modern information communication technologies, from some of the top-notch universities of India.  The eligible students enrolled in various programmes will be required to attend the classes in the learning centre set up in each member country as part of the project.


Post Graduate, Under Graduate, Diploma and Certificate programmes in the field of management – business and finance, engineering, & technology, computer science & information technology, international languages (viz. English, French, Germany and Arabic) are available from the Indian universities, viz. Indira Gandhi National Open University, (IGNOU) New Delhi, AMITY University, Noida (Nr. Delhi), Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani, University of Delhi, New Delhi and University of Madras, Chennai.  Information regarding the course content, eligibility criteria.


Learning centers would connect  to the specific Indian university as per pre-defined lecture schedule available at the Tele-Education portal. Highly experienced faculty shall deliver the live, interactive lectures from the Tele-education studio set up of the respective Indian universities. A unique feature of the tele-education system in the project is the offline access  to the lecture contents stored in the database at the Datacentre , through internet for review learning.

Special features of Tele-education

Dedicated IP based network

  • Live, interactive virtual classes
  • Offline access (through Internet) to the archived lecture     contents for review learning – a unique feature of the tele-education system over this network
  • Digital library
  • Dedicated Tele-Education portal for knowledge management
  • Fat track On-line admission process
  • Electronic Virtual classroom (roaming Account) @work station, home ..etc
  • Planned learning
  • Just in time learning
  • More individualized learning
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Any time any where learning
  • In-time study material assessment

Authenticated assessments.

POST Educational Programs Offered Through e-learning mode.

PG Programs  (4 to 5 semesters)    Indian University

  1. MBA (HR/Marketing) IGNOU, New Delhi
  2. Sc.-IT University of  Madras
  3. MBA-International Business AMITY, Noida
  4. Master of Finance & Control AMITY, Noida
  5. Master of Tourism Management          IGNOU, New Delhi

UG Programmes (3 years/6 semesters)

  1. BBA University of  Madras
  2. BBA (in French) # AMITY University, Noida
  3. Sc. – IT AMITY University, Noida
  4. Bachelor of Finance & Investment Analysis       AMITY, Noida
  5. Bachelor of Tourism Studies     IGNOU, New Delhi

PG Diploma/Diploma Programmes (one year/2 semesters)

  1. Information Technology           AMITY, Noida
  2. Business Management               AMITY, Noida
  3. Tourism Studies IGNOU, New Delhi
  4. French language AMITY, Noida
  5. Early Child Care & Education I GNOU, New Delhi
  6. HIV/AIDS                    IGNOU, New Delhi

Certificate Programmes (one year/2 semesters)

  1. Database & Information Systems BITS, Pilani
  2. Networking & Operating Systems BITS Pilani
  3. Electronics & Instrumentation BITS, Pilani

Certificate Programmes (6 months)

  1. Accountancy Delhi University.
  2. Nutrition & Child Care IGNOU, New Delhi
  3. English language Delhi University
  4. German language University of Madras
  5. Arabic language University of Madras
  6. Tourism Studies IGNOU, New Delhi

Tele-Education setp up @Amity University

1.1 Summary of Registration, Examination, certification (2010-2014)

Total No. of Student admitted 170 210 17 47 60 90 594
Total No. of Student completed education 105 130 9 23 47 65 379


  1. University of Madras.

2.1 Summary of Registration, Examination, certification (2013-2014)

  • Cycle I and cycle II
MSC-IT BBA German Arabic Total
Total No. of Student admitted 22


76 0 98
Total No. of Student completed education 11 56 67