Paiu Distance learning programs offer flexible online education, allowing students to access courses, study remotely, and interact with instructors and peers through technology

Our aim

To improve student achievement and enhance the student experience, our goal is to foster collaboration and develop top-notch online and distance education programs. By working together, we strive to create high-quality learning opportunities that meet the needs of students and ensure their success

What we do

The Centre provides recognised expertise of the highest standards. We support a community of practice,promote collaboration and knowledge-sharing and provide a focus for the development of high-quality learning, teaching and assessment. Our work is informed by and leads developments in research, pedagogy, practice and innovation. We:

Our Objectives

Bachelor Degree Duration

PAIU offers six bachelor's degree programs so far through distance learning, each with duration of four years. These programs provide students with rigorous academic training and practical assignments. Throughout the program, students can expect to engage in challenging coursework and hands-on assignments that enhance their practical skills and understanding in their respective fields. The combination of theoretical knowledge and practical application ensures that students are well-prepared for real-world challenges and opportunities upon graduation

Bachelor programs

Bachelor Installment Information

Diploma Installment Information

Diploma Progrms Duration

(PAIU) presents variety of diploma programs available for distance learning, with each program lasting for a duration of 1year. Which includes:

Diploma programs